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A Sure Check (ASC) is a background screening service group that has made the decision to not make our clients waste valuable time or get lost somewhere in cyberspace looking for the proper background research they need before they hire.

Instead, we take each applicant and individually review their needs so you are able to get the best possible information for the best possible price. No wasted money is spent on research that isn’t needed.

We focus on three main objectives: accuracy, speed, and lowering costs. To this end, we use cutting-edge technology that allows our clients to order reports and view status reports as well as receive results by fax, email or online. In addition, we get our information direct from the sources. This allows us to offer more cost-effective services, while at the same time providing quality information.

Our management team is experienced and well suited to bring you the best screening services in the Industry. We deliver these services through a number of channels including employment, care provider, and tenant screening.

When you come to us at A Sure Check (ASC), you can rest assured that our dedication, thoroughness and expertise will provide you with the information you need without an extreme cost. We put our 12+ years of experience to work for you and you will find our pricing remains lower than most BGS companies.

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